Bar & Section Rolling Mill

Mill Stands

Newfield manufactures high quality mill stands for rolling mills. Mill stands are ultrasonic tested, stress relieved & machined to close tolerances. Mill stands are offered with options such as hydraulic pre-stressing, motorised screw down and motorised chock removal. Newfield manufactures following types of mill stands :
Closed Top Mill Stand Pre-Stressed Mill stand
Housingless Mill Stand
Cantilever Mill Stand


Newfield manufactures shears for dividing to length for long product rolling mills. Some of the type of shears manufactured are :
Crop and Cobble Shear Flying Shear
Convertible Shear
Continuous Shear
Hydraulic Cold Shear

Pinch Rolls & Tail Brakers

Pinch Rolls and Tail Brakers of both double and single gear ratio type are offered for high speed rolling

QST TMT Tempcore Quenching Box

Our Tempcore authorised quenching box is offered for sizes 8mm-40mm in single strand rolling & slit rolling for all grades upto Fe 600 as per BIS standards

Twin Channel

Our specially optimised motorised Twin Channel ensures smooth maintenance free operation even at high speeds upto 30m/sec

Automatic Rake Type Cooling Bed

Automatic Rake type cooling bed ensures proper cooling of bars with required straightness for capacity upto 60T/Hr. Layer Transfer / Shuffle bar systems are offered with automatic rake type cooling bed

Bar Handling & Bundling System

Bar handling system consists of short bar removal, chain transfer with bar counter & separator, bundle tying machine and bundle bending machine

Wire Rod Mill

Disc & Drum Shear

This is used to crop front & tail of stock before entry into Block Mill. It is also used to cobble remaining billet in case of malfunction downstream

No Twist Block Mill (NTM)

Wire Rod Block Mill comes with No-Twist configuration of 45 degrees or Horizontal Vertical. Block Mill is used for producing wire rod and rebars (TMT) from sizes of 5.5mm to 16mm at speeds of 80m/sec maximum

High Speed Pinch Roll

High speed pinch rolls are used for controlling laying and tail of stock after exit from block mill. They have a low inertia design without using cardan shafts like in regular pinch rolls

High Speed Laying Head

Laying Head is used to coil the wire rod into coil form for cooling on the conveyor

Controlled Cooling Conveyor

Controlled cooling conveyor with optional hoods and fans are used to bring down the material temperature to obtain required properties

Coil Handling System

Coil handling system receives the cooled coil and is further processed by compacting and binding for commercial sale